summer lulls

last night i had a dream i was chewing on a bic pen at a check-in counter, and the lady in charge kept saying “ma’am, it’s covid.” then i’d keep chewing and lock eyes with her.

it’s an AC-less august here in quarantine. i feel like a historical figure craving lemonade, stories by way of oral tradition, and empty thoughts – thoroughly placated by sweat season.

these lulls have also been piqued by a few adventures: a roadtrip across the midwest to cleveland, indiana, ohio, and michigan (where i climbed a massive dune after consuming a large cup vanilla soft served); bike rides to coney island beach; regular prospect park hangs with friends; early morning trips to whole foods in the prius (#thisisthirty+); and my forever quest for the perfect throw.

i always feel angsty at this time of year. those back to school vibes don’t go away with age! my august playlist has had the same cozy-season favorites since 2007.

i drew that ^rag tag house in ditmas^ and the paper wilted. the photo is from november.

forever crushing on my nest, feat. real housewives of atlanta and a cheeseboard [pano makes it look big]

other than my own sweat, here are the things i’ve been absorbing lately:

the overstory by richard powers – the sentimental style was a little hard for me to get used to since i haven’t been reading much fiction lately, but i appreciate lots of things about this book so far – themes of immigration, women in science, relationships between fathers and daughters, and of course the extended tree metaphor.

nice white parents podcast – thanks to steve for suggesting we start listening to this last night. i was feeling agitated post-work and didn’t want to, but no excuses. on the insidiousness of segregation in nyc’s public school system and white parents’ unchecked power in gentrifying these schools.

i really appreciate a good gardening store, and kings county nursery in prospect lefferts garden really came through for me on sunday afternoon. i finally got a stake and twine to train my monstera, whose air roots are literally climbing their way across my floor to my bed (halp).

one whole week of not drinking on a weekday (live from cnn). because i’m taking this lifestyle out for a test drive, i’ve been making SO MANY VIRGIN BEVS. like this peach thyme iced tea, a cucumber peach elixir, and also a million iced coffees and matcha lattes. i also discovered that oatly oatmilk is gluten free. game is changed.

we submitted an application to adopt a sweet black and brown chihuahua puppy named ms. florence dombey on sunday night from badass brooklyn animal rescue (!!!). pray to your AOC shrine for us! #dogsrule including this guilty friend (tweet cred steve).

headed to hudson tomorrow with friends! going to work remote, swim in a lake, eat the foods, hike and drink the wine (what was that about sobriety?). @hudsonvalleyhikes on instagram, new obsession.

pickuplimes’s youtube channel is my #1 favorite to balance out moments when i feel like tattooing my entire body in peacocks or getting a tongue extension.

i’m trying to wrap my head around how to celebrate glass ceilings shattered, get biden/harris elected, and still be a vocal critic now and when they’re in office. saving thoughts for next time…

hot romance

just kidding, this has nothing to do with ho-ro (don’t worry, posts of this genre to come). i just wanted to show you some cute houses in my hood. steve and i play a game where we proclaim our top five whenever we see one we love. i think our top five’s are about 20 right now. in general, things i appreciate about the houses in ditmas park is the mish mash of architectural styles, the decay, and the steady war that the plant life has waged against its manmade intruders. no house or landscaping is quite like another, even though the entire neighborhood feels like a distinct organism with tightly drawn boundaries and defining style. that’s partly because the neighborhood was developed by one person, lewis h. pounds, an ohio-born “real estate man” who pioneered the suburban method of flattening all land and laying street, street plantings, and sewage infrastructure before developing any houses. he purchased the land from the van ditmarsen family farm in 1902, by which point the area surrounding ditmas park had already been opened up by new stage line connections from northern brooklyn (the brooklyn bridge was completed in the 1880s, which opened up brooklyn to suburbanization/urbanization).

most of the time when i’m describing ditmas park, i use the shock and awe vocabulary of “victorians!” “lawns and drive ways!” “in new york city!”. but beyond that, the total fanfare of architectural styles – bound by pounds’ form-based zoning regs – never gets old. there are shingle-style bungalows on 16th street around newkirk you would expect to find in california, or somewhere with real proactive sun – but are instead nestled between the Q train, multi-story walkups, and c town. then there’s the georgian/greek revival combo, defined by its tall ionic columns and primarily reserved for the churches around flatbush – but takes me back to college campuses in the south (but are apparently relics of christopher wren/british baroque architecture). there was also some norwegian architect who sprinkled a few spanish mission style houses throughout, because why not.

now that we’re in quarantine times, i’ve been going on even more house-gawking walks than usual, fantasizing about the lives lived in dwellings with actual “quadrants”. i love my tiny apartment like my firstborn but there is literally no where to go, nowhere to hide. and nowhere for steve to hide when i become hellbent on memorizing “one week” by barenaked ladies about 20 years too late.

floor scooter

last night i had a fantasy about the house i grew up in, using one of those floor scooters to survey the grounds (two floors!) at breakneck speed.

at the end of all of this, will we be nicer to each other? meaner? how many of us will be ensnared in the cuomo crush? will trump be dead? will i pony up for an overnight teeth whitening (ouch!!) regimen? will i devour my vile of star anise “because i can?”