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hot romance

just kidding, this has nothing to do with ho-ro (don’t worry, posts of this genre to come). i just wanted to show you some cute houses in my hood. steve […]

mood board?

i’m realizing that, despite my ~mission statement~, my posts so far have been heavy on the world stress and psychoanalysis. sweet virginia!!! here i go again. thoughts on this medium: […]


this is the week steve and i were supposed to be in portugal! let me tell you, it’s all fine. the world has bigger things to worry about like alison […]


i may have lied about the centrality of plants for this blog. now that that’s out of the way, for the last week, all i’ve wanted to talk about has […]

hill productions

^title is in honor of my mom :). today is a tough day to -keep it light- tbqh so i’m just going to share some night viz pics of my […]

goldfinch, glutiny, croissant ring, fleabag

17,549 step/124 step days, sore hips, records, house gawking, boxy-front-heavy, dirty trees, one cute one – art deco #s, borough park, secret diagonal street, hasids, quiet, magnolias, high bloom, peak […]

awkward lines lent

i told a few of you that i would be drawing all of the pretty houses in ditmas park for this blog and then mail you the hard copies. oh […]

quarantine: preliminary thoughts

so this is a thing that’s happening – quarantine – due to a global pandemic. we’re on week three over here in ditmas and it’s honestly… a fraught delight? clearly […]