whoops, i’m still here lol

i went rogue! here’s what happened: the pandemic came back with a vengeance, biden-harris got elected, trump incited a coup, we protested some more, got our nasal cavities swabbed, work was nuts, the holidays happened, and we got a puppy! all of this = fully squashed creative energy and time. i can’t imagine how real artists do it.

i read a few books too: the vanishing half by brit bennet, intimations by zadie smith, all we can save (parts of it), and the overstory… parts of it… but didn’t finish. i hated it??? it seems like everyone and their mother loves it. and so many people have recommended it to me (i got my copy as a gift) because i love trees. i preferred the nytimes mag article on suzanne simard. now i’m into parable of the sower by octavia butler and for once read the forward by n.k. jemisin which deserves a shout out in and of itself.

i’ve been listening to a lot of french house music (lol) and a lot of sound cloud mixes that make me feel like i’m bequeathed in glow stick necklaces in a club in ibiza. i’m cool okay! oh and taylor swift – an unrelenting amount of taylor swift.

speaking of glow sticks, bequeathed… ugly chilaquiles, my needy newborn, an overly scored inaugural sourdough, my forever-view from bed, and steve with a heart warming message for the new year:

some thoughts on the weeks ahead. i’m really going to try to run more. this weekend i was so proud of myself because i channeled all of my pent up travel/life lust into two v long runs, 12 miles each, all over brooklyn. picture me, listening to my french house (lol), boppin around and peeping brownstowns as the sun sets. my ankles feel like they’re in stucco pain casts this morning. is this fitness? i wish i could sit and read all weekend, learn a skill, or finish a painting, but i can’t right now. and if i’m being honest, haven’t been able to all of q-tine.

okay gotta work. bye!

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