mood board?

i’m realizing that, despite my ~mission statement~, my posts so far have been heavy on the world stress and psychoanalysis. sweet virginia!!! here i go again. thoughts on this medium: i love blogs because they are brain chronologies. spasms of joy. but there is so much SHIT happening in the world, now – but also always, and it feels gross to be mood boarding about a very laddish connell and my new garmin watch while minneapolis is on fire. it also feels gross to be virtue signaling my thoughts on social justice on social media, or here, to make sure everyone knows that it is front of mind (which it is. am i virtue signaling?). i think there are some people that are good at inspiring action through their online presence, but i think i am best for the world if i just absorb from others, commit to a life of understanding these issues so that the actions i take actually drive radical change, and also don’t make things worse. so anyway, what was i saying about a fucking mood board?! this month is travel lust. it’s the one drawing i’ve done so far. it’s laddish connell and the permanent mood normal people has put me in. it’s bracing myself for a summer of sleeping in the prius trunk to escape my apartment. it’s dark blues and mandarin bleeding into magenta plumes on white stucco. the garmin, of course. my irish kick. doulours price – a very bad b (and patrick radden keefe for writing about women in war history so inconspicuously in “say nothing,” i almost forgot that those kind of books never do). it’s an ode to the chipmunks and bees of hudson who haunt my dreams. it’s molly baz’s $300 jumpsuits i hate that i want. finally learning what kind of trees the joshua trees are (yucca brevifolia!). hammocks.

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