hill productions

^title is in honor of my mom :). today is a tough day to -keep it light- tbqh so i’m just going to share some night viz pics of my room, which was giving me very summer getaway vibes and the other night. it had rained hard all day and the sun came out at 7ish, and was bright and glittery for an hour or so before it got dark. i felt like i was in portgual which steve and i have been trying to go to for a goddam decade and were supposed to go to next month. everything that’s bad for me is just a joke in light of the world, which it always has been, but feels more caricatured now.

which is why throughout this ‘tine, i’ve been determined to keep things as simple in my brain as possible. it’s involved limiting news intake and texting, but yesterday i watched obama’s biden endorsement speech which led to a CIRCUS of brain chaos. it was, pretty shockingly, the first downwards spiral of the ‘tine, and it’s taken a full day to recover. on my walk in prospect park just now i saw six turtles hugging each other on a log with their necks to the sun and i would say i am feeling much better.

another fun fact which i’ve admitted to a few of you – i’ve been dressing like chessy from the parent trap for the full ‘tine. tevas and socks know no bounds. in pure millennial urban homesteader fashion, i also ate this blueberry ginger tahini smoothie on my fire escape last sunday morning (from molly baz’s daily smoo) which turned out to be both cold and precarious but definitely worth it.

next, i’ve been thinking about how most slang i discover 100 years after it’s been in use i either hate or feel very inappropriate using, but “hundo p” (100%) is one that i really enjoy.

for music this week, i’ve been very happy with my april playlist which is out of control girly because the ‘tine has me staving off that depresh ONE LEON SONG AT A TIME.

i really love the attic and closet show #2 of reply all; not a podcast i ever thought i enjoyed but have recently appreciated for its levity (particularly pj’s(?) story about how he was walking home from the studio 6 days after hurricane sandy struck, and the power came back on in the lower east side and there was a thunder of cheering all around. the post-Covid parties are going to be amazing. we have that to look forward to!).

have you followed @pigvibes on insta (thank you kathryn!!!) because it’s the jackpot of happiness.

to end, in a genre i think is best described as fan boy lit, emily dickinson at the poetry slam made my day (minus the turtles).

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