goldfinch, glutiny, croissant ring, fleabag

17,549 step/124 step days, sore hips, records, house gawking, boxy-front-heavy, dirty trees, one cute one – art deco #s, borough park, secret diagonal street, hasids, quiet, magnolias, high bloom, peak bloom, ditmas trees, quiet streets, stroller sidewalk follies, zigzagging, umbrella shields, brook shields//laura linney were friends, instagram, instagram, instagram, my-boring-stories, “what page are you on?”, book race/I’m always losing, Amazon cart, slipper hunt, grout cleaner, matcha reviews, smoothie art, fridge reorg, plant reorg, minibar, kings county wine pick up, essential ingredients, masks, satin masks, john oliver jesus figure, recipes, recipes, recipes, alison roman everything, sunken lemons, bread too dry, garam masala, high protein milk, sunny runs, abs?, will run every day, just 30 minutes, hangovers, rain, savoring WFH, worried, anxious, productivity, online, email, email, email, job search, raise, saving, bank account, portugal, madewell, boho throw, screen, offline, green chair, lunyas, reading, goldfinch, new york, bad slang, las vegas, alone, loneliness, new yorker article, depressing ending, friends, family zoom, finding art, how do you find good art, camping, tea, logs, woodsmoke, soft pines, hard ground, zipping noises, fruit fly, podcasts, dirty john, vocal fry, laguna, college, alone on the beach, mom, string lights, fancy, pilcro, marzipan, grocery run.

^brain dump from quarantine sunday #3. below is a photo dump from the last week. pretty obsessed with it all. new york has never felt this simple and i’m enjoying it for now.

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