quarantine: preliminary thoughts

so this is a thing that’s happening – quarantine – due to a global pandemic. we’re on week three over here in ditmas and it’s honestly… a fraught delight? clearly not a delight that 2,000 people have already died in the US alone and that only privileged white collar workers like myself are able to get paid for the foreseeable future while working from home (and by the way, why aren’t we seeing this as a REAL TIME example of why democratic socialism might not be witchcraft after all?). but as a homebody who draws inspiration and relief from being able to work on my own schedule, avoid morning commute anxiety (it’s been THREE WEEKS since i’ve ridden a train), run or walk during my lunch break, and eat well because i actually have time to cook – quarantine is nice. now i’m back to feeling guilty about all of this because of the fuckedness of our system and its reliance on the working class to keep my precarious capitalist lifestyle afloat (i’d be lying if i told you i didn’t preemptively spend half my stimulus check on silk pj’s and tiny gold chains). but, in a vacuum, things are good and self preservation for me looks like keeping the news turned off as much as possible and checking in on my friends and loved ones more than i usually can and do. which has given me time to remember things – and people – that i only call up in ceremony of birthdays or my parents’ reminiscing or some other rare event. today i told my friend kate all of my imaginary friends names (too embarrassing to share here, but – “fingerhand”) from childhood, and last night i had a very visual pre-sleep daydream of my late grandma’s house in florida. the splotchiness of her skin, her finger-thin legs, the armadillos outside, and the mickey mouse oversized wife-beater (are we still using that term?) i had just gotten on our trip to disney world and wouldn’t take off (even when i got the chicken pox a few days later). i’m also getting clarity on what i really want in life… most specifically where i want it. it may not be ditmas for much longer. i love the thickness of the grime, the bodegas, and the oddities i’ve come to call beauty, but when the ground has fried rice all over it, you’re waiting in a 30 person line to buy toothpaste at walgreens, and it’s 20 degrees and cloudy for half of your days, it’s sad. i also want change. covid-19 is not the good kind of change, but it has caused a global reckoning that i hope will lead to fundamental change. in the meantime, i’ll be enjoying this fraught kind of peacefulness and cuomo brother jawlines.

unsolicited recommendations from this week:

read: “reality has endorsed bernie sanders,” the new yorker (in case for some reason you weren’t tempted by my full-sentence hyperlink above)

listen: “everything is always keep changing” podcast featuring cheryl strayed interviewing her mentor/professor, george saunders

watch: unorthodox on netflix, for everyone for many reasons, but especially if you’ve lived on the edge of flatbush/borough park, bushwick, williamsburg, or basically any gentrifying brooklyn neighborhood

listen: alison roman’s interview on the second life podcast, which was surprisingly reassuring that (acknowledging my/her privilege) taking risks, being underpaid, and making yourself uncomfortable in order to do the thing you love and are good at will pay off.

make: nytimes black bean chorizo casserole with pickled onions! …on a friday night, with your quarantine-era (i.e. tripled) cocktail of choice… it! was! so! good!

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