about me

hi! i’m not really sure what i’m doing here. thank you for idling with me. i started this blog in 2019 to ~*reconnect with my creative side*~, forgot about it, got a wordpress premium auto-renew bill in 2020, and decided to do the thing.

i’m an urban planner living in ditmas park, brooklyn with my partner and our menagerie of plant children much like literally everyone else around here. in my day job i spend a lot of time telling people how screwed they will be to climate change. i’m lucky and privileged to be getting paid for work i love and care about passionately, but we all need counter balances and i’ve found that the harder i work, the more fluff i crave.

but is it really fluff? i think it’s more that as a purist english major, i’m fascinated with creative industries in new york city. i would literally take a bullet for apartmenttherapy.com, sweet digs, man repeller, and nytimes cooking’s youtube channel. no amount of well-trained pothos plants or coconut-based stews can quench my thirst for ~*content*~. i wake up to its sweet caress and long for the hour when i can return home (with wine) to watch jessica alba clean her face with a thousand creams.

but, all of this content absorption makes me feel like wet trash a lot of the time. i too… want to spew (official vision statement). maybe there’s a way for me to do that without boring you? guess we’ll see.