Welcome! I don’t live in any of these.

It’s November, and I’m finally committing this blog to the universe. I’ve been teeing the grand opening up for a while now, ‘gramming my sketches in earnest and reminding myself that I paid $70 for WordPress premium back in June when I took these photos. When I first moved to New York after college I had a blog called Salthat (shared “t”) and I was hooked. I’d wake up at 5am, scribble some weird little men, and then write a poem that was equal parts terrifying and weird. I couldn’t imagine writing in any other mode than super weird/ absurdist because it was horrifying to think of blogging sincere things. I still think it’s horrifying to be a sincere blogger, but looking back at the Salthat days I’m honestly concerned by the content, and myself. It’s literally the weirdest fucking shit. Could I still be capable of rendering the death of a squash by tiny Soviets? I remember really thinking this venn diagram was hilarious. I actually put this blog on my resume and tried to get hired as a content marketer/ writer at Buzzfeed et al. You’re right that there’s a little bit of cross-promo going on here, but I’m not lying that I’m deeply embarrassed by that thing but also still sharing it because I think you should know about me.

So anyways. Today is a new day, and while I’m fairly confident the absurdity of my 23-year old self has been squashed by seven hardening years of adulthood and a foray into urban planning, it’ll be a bit of an adventure to try and get a voice and a purpose back. So bear with me friends and thank you for reading!