hot romance

just kidding. just some homes. one day i’ll work up the courage to present a paella to my neighbors and tell them i’m an urban planner and enjoy how rich they are. i have a ponzi scheme where i rent their porches out without them knowing until they do. see investors tab for details.

it’s the quarantine at present (above pics were taken two summers ago), and i’m jealous these people could potentially vacation to another quadrant on weekends. i love my tiny apartment like my firstborn but there is literally no where to go, nowhere to hide. reciting an unbroken verse of barenaked ladies yesterday was a highlight.

floor scooter

last night i had a fantasy about the house i grew up in, using one of those floor scooters to survey the grounds (two floors!) at breakneck speed.

at the end of all of this, will we be nicer to each other? meaner? how many of us will be ensnared in the cuomo crush? will trump be dead? will i pony up for an overnight teeth whitening (ouch!!) regimen? will i devour my vile of star anise “because i can?”